About Us

Introducing Authorize Express, the only integrated Consumer Finance Platform that connects billers, borrowers and lenders.


A growing number of people find unexpected expenses or work losses can make it difficult to pay bills on time. Borrowers who connect to an Alternative Finance Service (AFS) provider through the Authorize Express Consumer Finance Platform (CFP) can benefit from extra time to pay a bill and avoid late fees, overdraft charges, service termination, negative credit reporting, and risky high-cost loans. Additionally, the AE Consumer Interface provides consumer peace of mind through ease of use and a secure environment. AE will issue payment directly to the biller/agency rather than the borrower. This will ensure the consumer’s outstanding balance is satisfied immediately and the next adverse action on their account is avoided. The AFS product is intended to resolve the consumer’s immediate financial challenge and rehabilitate the consumer through credit responsibility and education. The consumer reward will be a credit building opportunity to carry them upward.

AE is passionate about our role in creating a value based consumer finance solution where all parties benefit. Our goal is to resolve the many challenges and limitations consumers, billers, and financial service providers experience in the consumer finance cycle. We are convinced that low cost of credit financial solutions will help consumers meet their financial obligations, while maintaining their credit score. By doing so, service providers have greater cash flow and less defaults enabling lower prices for all consumers.

Unfortunately, many traditional lenders eliminate a large population of potential borrowers due to obsolete lending practices and risk models. High cost of borrower leads and limited amounts of consumer data have been major contributors. The Authorize Express model eliminates each one of these obstacles enabling lenders to extend credit to a greater demographic of borrowers with reduced cost and risk, which results in a lower cost of credit to the consumer.

Authorize Express is in a unique position to differentiate ourselves from competitors in the marketplace in terms of customer perception, the market segments we service, our operational advantages, our exclusive relationships, and sales strategies.

The Authorize Express team brings decades of comprehensive experience in the short-term, small dollar, consumer finance space, consumer finance technology, electronic payment processing, and credit and collections analytics. Our insights into how to correctly underwrite and service the target consumer base are unmatched.