Partnering with Authorize Express

Strategic Alliance Partner

AE has established key strategic relationships with technology and service providers in our target markets resulting in full integrations of our CFP allowing seamless, compliant, and instant lead distribution to our AFS providers at little to no cost. Strategic Partners benefit from the increase in client satisfaction and loyalty, as well as establishing an alternative revenue stream enabling them to make more profit from their existing client base, while also increasing client satisfaction and reducing client attrition.

Alternative Finance Service

Alternative Finance Service partners benefit from gaining direct access to a virtual limitless borrower lead flow with little cost of acquisition, as well as having access to AE’s exceptional suite of intelligent consumer finance tools. The AFS will generate revenues through approved variable rates and applicable fees attached to the principle of the loans it originates. Each market (state) sets the limits on rate, term, and applicable fees the AFS provider will follow. Authorize Express too, will ensure that all AFS rates are competitive and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Interested in increasing cash flow as a Source Partner, Strategic Technology Partner, or participating in our AFS network? Please complete our Contact Form or call 214-729-5723.