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Authorize Express is an innovative Consumer Finance Platform capable of managing the entire Alternative Finance Service process from cradle to grave from interfacing with lead sources to underwriting to borrower lifecycle management. In essence, Authorize Express serves as a multifaceted input/output hub to various internal and external systems.


Who We Are

A growing number of people find unexpected expenses or work losses can make it difficult to pay bills on time. Borrowers who connect to an Alternative Finance Service (AFS) provider through the Authorize Express Consumer Finance Platform (CFP) can benefit from extra time to pay a bill and avoid late fees, overdraft charges, service termination, negative credit reporting, and risky high-cost loans.


Partner Inquiries

AE has established key strategic relationships with technology and service providers in our target markets resulting in full integrations of our CFP allowing seamless, compliant, and instant lead distribution to our AFS providers at little to no cost. Strategic Partners benefit from the increase in client satisfaction and loyalty, as well as establishing an alternative revenue stream enabling them to make more profit from their existing client base, while also increasing client satisfaction and reducing client attrition.